Organize and celebrate your community engagement program

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Employee Tools

Employee Recommendation for Corporate Support – employees recommend ways the company can do good - seamlessly integrates with the Administrator Evaluation Tool.

Trending Module - top shelf, multimedia educational content pushed to the platform on a regular basis – includes current and timely philanthropy topics covering Money, Lifestyle, Success, Family and Community. 

Celebrate Community – list the organizations your program supports to show your company's impact in the community.

Insights – infographics celebrate highlights from the ways your employees are doing good - unique data from your Social Impact Culture Type is brought to life.

Photo Gallery – celebrate with snapshots from your company's community events and initiatives.

About the Program - easily communicate your program structure through the Get Started! upload tool.

Surprises & Fun – interactive tools and viral surveys to engage and inspire your employees.

Administrator Tools

Social Impact Culture Type Survey – a research-based, employee diagnostic that utilizes data-driven criteria to inform your charitable gifts, event sponsorships, and community engagement opportunities based on employees' preferences for "doing good." Based upon the 10 Ways to do Good research!

Administrator Evaluation Tool – a research-driven punch list built for your Social Impact Culture Type to help quickly evaluate, rank, and streamline requests for charitable support based on your own corporate priorities and employee preferences.

Get Started! Tool – easily upload your photos and program description to launch your platform--quickly and efficiently!


Choose Your Package

Includes Employee Tools and Administrator Tools.

Includes all features in the Standard Package PLUS quarterly mobile webinars for your and your employees on a variety of topics for instant education on corporate giving, philanthropy and social impact.

Includes all features in the Select Package PLUS analytics and reporting. You'll receive powerful data from Employee Recommendations, Administrator Evaluation Tool, and Social Impact Culture Type Survey, provided to you on a quarterly basis.